Really I’m not a runner!

I’m so not a runner!

Right so last year, no actually that’s wrong! More like July  2015 I decided to start running and I know you are thinking this blog is going to be on tips and such like well it’s not! I don’t run, honestly I don’t! I’m not a natural runner But I have to do something to to lose baby weight and oh yeah that’s right I decided to enter the London Marathon..

So I realised that I can run and even though I am slow, I do enjoy … No no no that’s not right at all, I tolerate it. So in a fit of mentalness I thought why not run the Marathon and I have a good reason to why and a good reason to raise money… Here comes the serious bit, no hold up, I’m not ready for that and I don’t think you are either.

So let’s give you some background.. I actually quite like raising money for charity and running well it makes sense, so combine the two.. Now I have already jumped out of a plane for The Ronald McDonald House, all because my nephew about 9years ago had a Brain Tumour removed and he is ok, but then I wanted to do something and these seemed like the perfect charity and it was and about 7 years later we used the charity ourselves so you could say we paid in advance.

Right so why The London Marathon in 2018. I already have my spot as I have postponed a year due to me now having to have surgery, however this has now given me not only another year to train but also another year to raise the £2500 I need and hopefully a lot more..

So I hear you ask why I’m I doing this and every-time I run I ask myself the same question. Oh and of course who am I raising money for?

Let me take you back to Nov 2014, when I gave birth to a little pickle and what a little pickle they became. A healthy strong 9lb 2oz, 39 weeks and a natural with Gas and Air birth. We took little pickle (Jojo) home the same day to a very excited big Sister ( this has a good ending I promise you) so all was good for 5 weeks, Jojo was growing, happy and feeding. She was a good sleeper in fact pretty perfect… Any way we had booked tickets to see Father Christmas at a fab little railway local to us in West Sussex and Jojo developed a cold, a normal boring cold! We met our NCT friends there, went to lunch and at this stage Jojo was quiet but ok. Looking back at photos you can now see the signs but we had no idea.. We did a Christmas walk when we got back to look at the fab Christmas lights in the close and everyone went home.. We all them went to bed and Jojo and I slept downstairs as she was still feeding through the night and Daddy had to get up for work the next day so I thought it would be best to stay in another room. Anyway jojo’s breathing was not right, slightly laboured and raspy so we ended up calling 111 and they sent a paramedic. He was not happy so off I went with Jojo to ESH (East Surrey Hospital) . As soon as we got there she seemed to get better and five hours later we were on our way home with me feeling like a silly mummy! You should never doubt your instincts in these matters as I have now learnt and your should never feel silly or over the top.

Any way I digress, so now it’s Monday the next day and Jojo spends most of the day asleep and not really feeding well but she is feeding and the HV arrives, does not seem bothered and Jojo has not lost weight so pretty cool really. Right this is now going to be the hard bit to write and the bit I have been dreading since my friend said to me pop all of this in a blog and she will guest feature me.

The Hard Bit

I’m going to jump forwards now to Tuesday Am.. Daddy was off sick and Jojo had her 6 week check.. She just was not right! She had not taken much milk in, her breathing was raspy and slightly laboured and I had a niggling feeling something more serious was just about to happen. So 9am came and we were in for our 6 week check! I don’t know what it was but as soon as I sat in the doctors office I cried and cried saying please sort Jojo out! He took one look at her, did her checks and the next thing I know I was being told to drive to ESH and go straight to the Children’s Ward! So I picked up Daddy and off we went! I was calm by the way now and Jojo well she was not so good. We got there and they did tests on her oxygen which was really low and on to oxygen she went. We were moved to a private room which looking back was strange and also the doctor kept saying “look I must prepare you as we may need to move her to The Evelina and put her on Life Support” to be honest I really thought no that’s not going to happen and she is just covering every eventuality. Now I wish that was the case but no!

So it was around 10pm, or that’s what stuck in my head! I went to the loo and by the way Jojo had been stable until what happened next.. The nurse in fact jojo’s one to one nurse, yes we had a nurse with us the whole time! I was never left alone as Jojo could become critical at anytime. So as I said I popped to the loo whilst the nurse was doing secretion therapy, basically sucking out snot. I came back in to a crash team,  anaesthetists and our doctor at the hospital and Jojo now being bagged.
We were rushed to theatre and little pickle was placed on life support.. Basically her lungs decided that there was too much snot and failed to work. I’m not going to tell you all the details because for one I don’t remember it too clearly, I don’t want to think about it and you don’t need to know.

So let’s fast forward and we are now in the retrieval ambulance, this is especially for very ill children and they take you to the nearest High Dependancy Hospital and ours is the Best, The Evelina. So we are travelling along on blue lights and sirens and we have to stop three times. Most were to stabilise Jojo but the last one was to save her life. In fact she ended up collapsing her lung and having to be taken off the ventilator and being bagged all the way there. It was horrid and even now I don’t understand what actually happened however the nurse (more like doc) said it was horrid too and those journeys (about 1in50) are the ones you don’t want! So take from that what you will. I think I know what happened and from the way her baby vest was cut I can only imagine. I was there but I really don’t remember! I’m glad I don’t!
So we arrived and met a huge team from the ward, docs, nurses and anaesthetists  again. We were rushed to intensive care and they stabilised Jojo. In fact 10 days later she was still on full life support, Christmas Day had been (with me and her sister having to go home on Christmas Eve as we had food poisoning and daddy spending a very emotional Christmas Day with Jojo in hospital) H and I travelled back on Christmas Day.
The next day, Boxing Day and after too many viruses, bacterial infections and a host of drugs including ones for Cystic Fibroses and an antibiotic worth £50 a shot, she finally came off the Ventilator and yippee she was getting better at last.. By New Years Eve we were on our way home!

I don’t think I could ever thank The Evelina enough. The doctors, Nurses and Physios are an amazing team.. For a while we wondered if she was ever going to get better, I know dramatic but nothing was working and even the Doctors were running out of ideas, there was the risk of permanent damage to her too. They nicknamed her The Trouble Maker and as soon as she was able to be carried around she became the Ward Mascot!

So this is why I’m running! I want to give something back to the amazing team and I wanted to do something which is really not me. Yes I am mad but I can never repay what they did for our beautiful pickle and we will be eternally grateful. So lasting effects! None, apart from a tiny scar on her foot where one of her leads went in.

So on to running and I still can’t believe I am doing this. If you would like to follow my progress then please follow me here.

Or if you would like to donate to this great cause then please head to

Thanks for reading

Tara xx


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