Poo I really need to get this fixed then?

So I’ve finally got my appointment for my tests/procedure this week and I’m not really looking forward to it. I’m not used to having things put down my throat unless it’s cake or chocolate or the odd Alcholic drink!!! Now I know what you are thinking and all I can say is RUDE!

Anyway off I go this week with no food after 2am in the morning, to be honest I’m planning to be asleep at 2am and not planning to eat! And then nothing to drink from 6am so better not open and drink that Prosecco that’s in the fridge then ;0) ok I’m being silly but I need to look at the brighter side as I really don’t want to have this done and if they find a problem then I won’t want an op either.

So thanks to my Gallbladder, just realised I’ve not mentioned this is the potential issue, I can not run for  6 weeks after the op and so hence I’m now running in 2018 instead!  Apparently my health is more important?

Right so why have I got potential Gallbladder problems well apparently in 40yr old women who have had babies it’s normal so not only have my crazy gang left me with blood pressure issues I also have gallbladder issue… Thanks babies :0)

So off to the hospital this week then and I will of course keep you updated.




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