Hospital Consultations

So here I’m a Monday evening sitting in a Private Hopsital and no I’m not posh, I just have a husband with a corporate job! So I’ve arrived about 30 mins early thinking the 45 min journey is going to take me an hour and 15 but in reality it took the normal 45 mins… Have I added that up right? Okay it does not really matter, the main thing is I am here to discuss my Gallbladder! And this is the reason for me not now running the London Marathon this year.   So as I am waiting I’m thinking it’s about time that I right another blog!

So here I am in the not so posh waiting room and I remember thinking before my first visit here it would be all lavish almost like Harrods and not at all like a hospital and to be honest I’ve seen better looking NHS departments. But it’s not, it’s a normal waiting room, with normal receptionists and normally everything. It’s not a problem it’s just normal.

Right so anyway I am here to discuss the removal of said Gallbladder, the one that has stopped me from running as it hurts, the one that has stopped me drinking alcohol cos it feels like I’ve been punched in the upper abdomen, the one which is at its worst one of the nastiest pains I’ve had since childbirth and I can assure you that is no fun with just gas and air. So here I am waiting for  my consultant who will probably tell me it’s a 2 week recovery time and I’m not allowed to lift for two weeks however he clearly does not understand that I am a do’er and therefore I probably will lift and do the things I should not do. I’m Wonder Woman remember!

Sitting here I have just realised the reality of it all and the fact I will have to have a general anesthetic and then my mind goes into panic, what if I don’t wake up, what if they find something else! You see I don’t normally worry about much, I reckon I’m quite easy going about my life.. I worry about my babies and husband but not me as I am never ill, I get colds but I’m not ill, ill.

So it looks like I’m next and off I go!!!!

Right I’ve seen him and yes I have Gallstones, oh such joy! Anyway after he scared me about having it out, it still sounds like whatever the risks it’s a good idea. So now I’m just waiting on the waiting list and soon I will be one organ lighter! Did you know it sits in the liver!

Anyway off I must go back home so see you soon



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