Yep that’s is pretty much all I can say about the last 48 hours. The anesthetic is now finally going as I woke up this morning feeling less foggy! However the pain is not great! I’m not looking for sympathy, just thought I would share in case anyone else has this done.

So what can I tell you, well I washed my hair today and that made me feel better, I’ve had painkillers however not codine as it makes you constipated and that’s not the best idea in the world when you have abdominal stitches. I’ve done nothing, yes I have actually done nothing at all and my poor husband has run around after the two pixies, made lunches, washed clothes, made dinners and hoovered! I’m sure I won’t be allowed to forget this in a hurry..

Right the thing I was not expecting was to be off my food! I really don’t want to eat and if I do I must eat low fat/ no fat foods so I have just eaten a Balanced Meal from Tesco which was a Chicken Teriyaki . It was ok but not a great meal and I am looking forward to my Hosin Duck Balanced Meal tomorrow as I am sure it will be better.. I washed it down with a Muller Yog and a squash….. Wow my world rocks, whilst the girls are tucking into Mac and cheese, choc mini milks and fruit. Yes I know I can have the fruit and I will later.

So that is where I am at now and thank you for reading



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