One week has passed

So it’s Friday and happy Friday to you all.  A week has now passed and wow what a week it was. Like superwoman I thought I would be back to work on the Monday but no I was in pain and needed a couple of days extra to get back to normal, well as can be!   However by Tuesday afternoon I had just about enough of Place in the Sun and that must mean I was on the mend.

So I returned to work on Wednesday, I have been fortunate enough to be able to work from home for the next two weeks, which is fab and to be honest I think I have got more done…. shhhhh don’t tell the boss! Anyway so as I was saying it’s been an interesting week! I’m still in pain unfortunately, I’m so impatient… I really thought I would be pain free by now but No! It’s not a pain when I’m sitting down, it’s a pain when I get up and stretching well we can leave that to another day!

You can tell I’m getting better as my  poor hubby, the person I’ve been annoying the most is probably going to be driven to drink by the end of the six weeks with “can you Hoover that?” And “can you do this?” so if he is reading this then sorry.. thinking next week I might dress him in a maid outfit.. oh no I can’t he is back to work!

The pixies have been brilliant even though the littlest pixie does not understand that you can’t stand on mummy, or lay on her belly. The older pixie has been very thoughtful and has even made me two get well cards.

So one week down and five left.. then I can start training again yippeeee

Have a good weekend



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